Clickster for Windows 10


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Providing a real alternative to P2P software like Limewire and Bearshare, Clickster easily finds and downloads MP3 files from the Internet and NOT from other P2P users. Because tracks are downloaded from the Internet and NOT over a P2P network, with Clickster there are no associated poor connection problems and the downloads are normally received at speeds not seen on P2P. With over 30 million mp3 tracks (and growing) for you to search and download, there are no broken/dead links. Tracks can easily be previewed/played without any need to download the track first. Clickster effortlessly displays the full url of any track, which is useful to users who may want to add it to a playlist, perhaps to embed into a MySpace or other webpage. Clickster is without rival in providing the most comprehensive listings of mp3 tracks to be found on the Net. And unlike software of a similar nature, Clickster contains NO Spyware, Adware or Malware. There is no ´login´ or registration system either. Features: 3 X the Search Results of Limewire** Downloads 5 X Faster than Limewire Rip Tacks from thousands of Internet Radio Stations Download Tracks from MySpace* Music Compile Playlists and embed them, with player, into own pages Download Tracks Directly onto iPod or MP3-Player Clickster can be run from a USB Data-Stick 100% Clean - No Adware, Spyware or Malware 100% Legal PRIVATE - Use of Clickster cannot be detected by ISP's or Recording Industry snoops In addition to installing Clickster on your PC, it can be installed or copied onto a Flash Drive and run from there.